Samstag, 14. Januar 2017

Dame the Eighth

Zu Hause. Business as usual. Sonnabendstory. Eine Lektion aus der Gerüchteküche, oder besser gesagt aus dem Gerüchte-Zubereitungsbuch, dem Gerüchte-Knigge. Zum idealen Verständnis im O-Ton english: The Lady Penélope by Thomas Hardy. First published in 1890 in the collection of short stories "A Group of Noble Dames" (Part I Before Dinner: 4 Ladies, Part II After Dinner: 6 Ladies), written certainly not long before. A revised version dating from 1891 has two insertions, both concern the rumors surrounding Lady P. and the death of her second husband. The rumors are now said to be "so" thick in the atmosphere around her. The author took pains to dramatize and elaborate the suspicions which led her, Lady P., to death.

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